About Us

Who We Are

AtomicDB delivers software, technology, and professional services that significantly reduce the complexity and cost of managing information. Our solutions provide clients with guaranteed savings, compared to traditional database and data warehousing solutions.

Clients leverage five AtomicDB capabilities to achieve greater agility and flexibility in building and running their business information systems:

  • Innovative methods to efficiently access and interpret data
  • World-class technical expertise across many industry segments
  • Experienced team with proven success across a wide range of IT applications
  • Patented AtomicDB technology platform
  • Our long term dedication to the success of our customers
What we do?
AtomicDB stores each piece of data into a model of information at the center of its own universe of relationships. It associates every piece of data in your existing systems and allows it to be read, accessed, and configured to meet your business needs.

from big data

AtomicDB associative information system is the solution for Big Data! As the only "single instance storage" solution on the planet, we provide information from all your data so you can easily make intelligent decisions. Billions of dollars are funding multiple variants of database solutions attempting to deal with "Big Data". So far, none can compete with AtomicDB.
By adopting the AtomicDB transformational method, IT executives can better integrate IT into the business while favorably bending the cost curve down. Reduce the need for data scientists, database administrator staff and eliminate the expansion of storage capacity at double-digit rates. With AtomicDB, your existing staff can easily design and implement solutions while reducing storage capacity requirements by more than 60 percent.
What it means to you!

AtomicDB technology solutions interface with all existing information systems. Our solutions help companies save significant time and resources. We enable you to completely aggregate your data and leverage it across the enterprise.

Using one centralized view of the organization you can now make decisions based on "LIVE information" to achieve significant, immediate, and tangible ROI. What often took years to accomplish, now is solved in only days, weeks, or months.

Finally, our joint partnership with Relavance opens up a new world of possibilities in "Big Data" and provides AtomicDB sole use of the only patented associative database. This technology has the potential to impact businesses on a global scale. We will be able to address challenges faced within the business, academic, and medical and research communities at a lower cost with less risk.