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    Say No to Data Silos.
    Frustrated by numerous disparate data sources, none of which communicate
    with each other or exist in silos within different parts of the organization.
    AtomicDB will integrate all your disparate data sources– quickly and painlessly.
    Create a system that can handle every configuration of information.
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    Make Big Data Work For You
    Stop searching for data and start retrieving real time information ... and Fast!
    With AtomicDB there is no need to wait for queries to be written or IT professionals
    to extract the information you want at your fingertips. Are you ready to tap into
    the full potential of Big Data?
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    Don't Relate- Associate
    Why spend all your time and IT power managing data "structures" relational databases or
    static 2-dimensional models? AtomicDB stores each piece of information and each concept at the center
    of its own universe of associations. Reduce your IT costs, deploy faster and securely and access your
    entire organizations information with our automatic data aggregation and fusion.
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Data Warehouse

AtomicDB is a groundbreaking new technology that attains the ultimate goal in data management. With a truly associative database model each piece of information is atomic in nature and can be associated with any other piece of information.
NO views!
NO cubes!
NO rows!
NO restrictions!


Leaders in Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Healthcare and Research understand the challenges keeping their organizations in compliance with complex and changing regulations. Now you can manage compliance regulation interactively with less risk and cost, and more peace of mind!
AtomicDB compliance software is guaranteed to reduce the time and effort to keep your organization compliant.

Data Consolidation

The need to develop new models to harness Big Data and get better results faster has never been more pressing. IT managers continue to be challenged by ongoing upgrade cycles, growing requirements for disk space, and support complexities. AtomicDB can easily access hundreds of concurrent and disparate data source. Unlock all the knowledge in your data with full context and relationships your organization wants.

industry solutions
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Optimized 70+ Million Parts Inventory

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Managed Warranty Costs

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Fixed Security Of Patients' Data

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Managed Inventory Turns

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Controlled All Compliance Activities